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Kung Fu Fitness kicks off on Isle of Dogs PDF Print E-mail
Wharf29April2010reviewEverybody could soon be kung fu fighting if an Isle of Dogs resident's martial arts classes take off.

Budding Bruce Lee's now have the chance to learn the martial arts at Kung Fu Fitness run in Burrell's Wharf by Aldrich Sawbwa.

Aldrich, 28, is keen for Wharfers to take it up the sport - whose best known exponent was 1970s film legend Lee - as a way of looking after themselves in more ways than one.

He said: "I want to help people get fit and learn practical self-defence at the same time. Kung fu is about both internal and external training. Outside it's the hands, the eyes and the body, but inside it's the heart, mind and spirit.

"Many people have an incorrect idea about kung fu. The philosophy is very simple, it's about making peace, not fighting. But what is important is you can apply the self-defence techniques very quickly.

"To perfect your kung fu you need to follow three steps - form, power and speed. It can be tough but I tell students there's no gain without pain, and most feel the benefit very quickly.

"The benefits are many, including improved self-esteem, better focus at work and at home, self-discipline, as well as self-defence.

"There are many stages to go through, and even when you reach the top level you can never stop improving."

Aldrich is originally from Burma and has been practising kung fu for over 20 years. He moved to London in February after living in Glasgow for several years, where he ran a similar school with great success. He's confident his Isle of Dogs venture will prove appealing as well.

He said: "What we offer here is different from anywhere else because we do a combination of kung fu and bando kick boxing. Bando is the Burmese form of kick boxing. Everyone knows about Thai boxing but this is even better. It uses the kukri knife, a traditional Burmese weapon, and is more aggressive."

If that sounds a bit too violent for some tastes then Kung Fu Fitness also offers more restrained martial arts including tai chi and yoga. Aldrich said: "We can tailor everything to individual requirements. It all depends on what someone wants to achieve, whether that's losing excess weight, increasing muscle, stress release or improving flexibility."

Tai chi classes take place at Burrell's Wharf in Westferry Road on Wednesdays, with the self-defence and kung fu at Docklands Settlements on Saturdays. Aldrich is also willing to arrange classes for businesses in Canary Wharf.

He said: "There are great benefits of learning martial arts for company employees. It can help improve concentration and fitness and lead to greater productivity, which is so important these days."


This article was published in the Wharf Sport section on 29th April 2010 More>>
Healthy for Men PDF Print E-mail

Kung Fu Fitness in Healthy for Men Magazine Dec 09

The inner rewards of martial arts

After three week of regular martial arts training, practitioners will have improvements in blood sugar and pressures, as well as calcium metabolism. These changes translate into better functioning of the body and brain, and overall risk reduction for such diseases as hypertension, diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression and some cancers.

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Glaswegian Newspaper KFF News PDF Print E-mail

Caleodonian Uni China Now in Scotland Festival PDF Print E-mail
"Glasgow Caledonian University recently hosted a demonstration of Tai Chi and Martial Arts performed by Kung Fu Fitness (KFF). This demonstration was part of a university festival of Chinese culture held during November 2008. We were thoroughly impressed by KFF skills, athleticism and knowledge.
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GUUi interviewed Joel Spencer PDF Print E-mail
GUUi interviewed GUKFF club captain Joel Spencer
How did you join, and what does being in the club involve?

I saw a poster around the campus and thought this would be a perfect way to improve my flexibility and accompany my other exercise. Each session involves yoga and some tai chi, martial arts techniques and also practical self defence techniques

How did your club get on last year?

As this is a brand new club this year, So far we’re just a small club so there’s a really good atmosphere amongst us.

What can we expect to see from your club over the coming year?

If we get a good turnout in this term then we can look for university funding which will mean we can pass on those savings to students, get specialised equipment and look into starting another session for more advanced students who are interested in sparring and competitions. Later in the year there will be opportunities for inter-club competitions and also events with other universities.

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