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Whether you are already an instructor or thinking of becoming one. At KFF we provide an instructor training programmes.


Tai Chi & Bando Yoga

Learn traditional Tai Chi forms, push hands and Yoga stretching, Develop health, flexibility and stress release. Famous for being the ultimate mind/body/spirit art.


Self Defence Kung Fu

Learn practical self defence, how to release from choking, grappling, street fights, knife defence techniques, but delivers it in a manner to improve cardiovascular and muscular conditioning as well as developing mental awareness, self-esteem discipline and confidence.


Combat Bando Kick Boxing

Learn practical self defence techniques. A thorough military style workout developing fitness, flexibility, stamina and core strength.


We are affiliated to the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (Recognised by the UK Sports Council) and Myanmar Thaing Federation (Recognised by the Ministry of Sports).



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