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Kung Fu

“Self-discipline, self-development and self-improvement” Self-defence + Yoga = Kung Fu Fitness

"Let's make friends through martial arts"


Kung Fu Fitness is a combination of different Kung Fu styles and Bando Kick boxing. Learn self-defence techniques, Tai Chi, Yoga, boost your self confidence, stress release, lose weight and improve your strength, flexibility and stamina. Private lessons in studio located in central london or dockland. Classes in London Canary Wharf, Dockland, Isle of Dogs, East London. More>>









Free private Session

Try a lesson first! If you enjoyed you can book 11th block and get 12th session free!


Kung Fu Fitness Call Now: 07595509116
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It is about building strong foundations a house is built on strong foundations to remain structurally sound for many years. By comparison an Athlete or fighter must also build a strong nutritional foundation and muscular fitness, strength and performance will follow.

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Group classes for children and adults in Bando Kick Boxing, Self Defence Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Yoga. Get fit, make new friends and learn real self defence skills, No experience required, beginners welcome!

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Kung Fu Fitness in Healthy for Men Magazine Dec 09

The inner rewards of martial arts

After three week of regular martial arts training, practitioners will have improvements in blood sugar and pressures, as well as calcium metabolism. These changes translate into better functioning of the body and brain, and overall risk reduction for such diseases as hypertension, diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression and some cancers.

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Tailor made Kung Fu Fitness private lessons in London Canary Wharf!

These are arranged with your preferences and interests in mind.

Specific goals may include any of the following: losing excess weight, increasing muscle mass, stress release, flexibility, improving stamina, and understanding of self-defence techniques. In addition, you will learn some chinese language and yoga during lessons and part of the profit generated from such lessons will help fund IFCharity projects.

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Kung Fu Fitness gift e-vouchers are the perfect choice to help reward, congratulate and motivate people in a way they’ll appreciate and remember. The vouchers can be redeemed for Personal Training, Self-Defence or Martial Arts. Whether you require private sessions or a group course or class, we can accomodate. They can be tailored, so they are suitable for everyone.

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